Our Story

The Story of Evolution

Let me introduce myself. My name is Melanie, and I am one of the three “OG” that founded Evolution Grow. Our original trio has evolved into an amazing crew of intelligent minds that bring a vast knowledge of Cannabis to the table. The foundation on which Evolution started was to help those who were ill or in need of a different “medicine“ outside of the normal medical establishment. We all know someone who suffers with health issues and I am no different. My father had terminal cancer and struggled with the effects of prescribed opioids.

A caregiver, who was a close friend, suggested my dad try his mom’s “magic” Snickerdoodle cookies. The cookies, along with some refined flower to smoke, blew the doors off of the “ditch-weed“ my dad knew in his younger years. As a result of this “new” medicine, my dad was able to get off his prescribed pain pills and stay comfortable for months until he passed. In addition, our care-giver friend’s dad also had the same condition and resulting comfort with Cannabis as my father experienced.

These personal situations had us tossing around the idea of going into Cannabis on a bigger scale. It was a near-catastrophic event that happened to a friend of ours which ended up pushing us to go all-in and start our company within Michigan’s new Marijuana Industry.

Our friend was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident while we were all out riding together one evening. Watching him struggle in the days and months following, we suggested the same cookies and smoke our fathers had used to help him through. Though our friend had a long, hard road during recovery, we witnessed first-hand how Cannabis worked miracles and made the overwhelming pain manageable. Seeing this convinced us we were on the right track. Today, our friend is alive and well… working for our company.

With the plot twists and turns that rival a good edge-of-your-seat movie, here we are now making Cannabis for our customers… hoping to provide them the help we have seen others receive. Along our journey, we have met talented and unique people. We are blessed to have many of them joining with us to make Evolution Grow Company possible. Together our mission is to cultivate a Cannabis where one can experience using all four senses.

Today, we have evolved from a small grow into a vertically integrated multi-tiered operation. A process which can be explained by the brand name we proudly put upon our product…